lunes, 5 de mayo de 2008

Our Books

What better gift can we give to children than the love of reading? It's a present that doesn't cost much, but lasts a lifetime.

Our Project is "Publishing Electronic Books" offer children an exciting new way to enjoy a good book. Children love computers and photos our pupils can enjoy doing that they love, develop their reading skills, and, more importantly, enjoying it.

All of our books are traditional readable of Spain.

What sort of children's books do we publish? we select stories that are upbeat, profitable, but most of all - entertaining. Then we enhance them with electronic media. The result is a publication that is both functional and artistically pleasing to the eye. We publish classic, out of copyright books by well known, and lesser known authors, as well as books by new authors.

All our children's e-books are made to leave somebody feeling happy and encouraged by the story's outcome. We invite you to see free chapters of our children's story books

It is our hope that you'll enjoy owning and reading these electronic books as much as we've enjoyed creating them!

Anyone who has any tips , or any other useful information or feedback, as always please leave a comment… thanks!

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