sábado, 8 de diciembre de 2007

Our World

The name of our project is: "Our World" Our Action Plan eTwinning aims to be an excellent educational tool for our association. Our action plan will focus on several key education, values, one each month from October to June.

Students work on these values and implement school activities, creative productions, thoughts, events and activities in the community, and sharing via web page, e-mail and other electronic means.

This Action Plan contributes to a systematic development of our project on values in school activities and celebrations. Whenever possible, the celebrations will be connected to the celebrations European or international initiatives to promote greater awareness of this dimension between students, teachers, parents and local communities in our association.

We participated in the project:

Anna Baszczok POLAND

Mercedes Martinez SPAIN

Antonia Zingariello ITALY

Mariana Radulescu ROMANIA